Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great News for me!

Hey readers!
You know what...
One of my favorite brand has intruded into

Let's have a mighty applause for the arrive of


I've long awaited for this moment!
according to the online news, it says that
H&M will be launched officially 
on Sat, 22 Sept 2012!

can't wait for it!!

Kei Kei's Birthday~ Weee~ =D

As i promised, here's the post! =P

I used to be the late one for any event or meet up, can't blame me, cause i really need sometimes to make myself up and then this and then that and then blah blah blah~ that could took me hours to finish~
But.....i'm not the late one this time! Yesh!
Not to blame others, just that really funny for the waiting phenomenon that we experienced~

Went to Suki-Ya, for the Japanese Steamboat Buffet...
for food-lover like me, i rate this restaurant for erm....

4 out of 5 stars
The food and the soup is not bad, but the variety of the food is not much for choose...
but the taste is Good! =) Should go and try~ The environment is quite good~

Here comes the photos!

the green-tea is not that nice~
but it's fun to play with xD

see! they're actually funny~ LOL!

ok, i know i have a weird smile there~

don't punch me! xD

They're trying to ask me to do the so call
But my version is until 5 only~





*the 5th was blurred, so i decide not to upload it xD*

After that, it's photos time!
Bunch of cam-whore guys taking photos in the public,
they some more ignored the people over there!
Epic-level they've got huh! xD 

Last which i really have to say about it!
me and cheau en rush to sungei wang to buy kei's and ning's birthday presents.....
and this causes cheau en's heel is broken...
i'm so sorry~ =(
but all the sweats that we drop is worth for it....
Happy Belated Birthday Kei and Ning!
Enjoy the Rilakkuma and the Chicky!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

~~Sorry for the late~~

~~~The outing post will be up SOON!~~

Gachapon~ =)

~Hello Bradaaaa & Sisdaaaaa~

Yes, as usual today is a tuition day 
that can't be excluded from my daily life...

Well, not much for the tuition talk, i found some goodies where i used to play it when i was a kid...
Yes, physically i might looks like an 'Truly-Adult'
but mentally i think i'm only primary school student's mind~
such naive mind i have huh
(humans is going to kill me  LOL!)

Come back to this, it's Gachapon where we can found it outside those grocery shop....
this remind me of my childhood and yet i decided to take out 2x 50cents from my wallet,
thanks KarSeng for donated me one 50cent~

And then, i started to insert the coins and
i turn the gear...
At first nothing has come out and i can't get back my money
during that time i was scolding @#$%^&**(&^%$ 
in my heart of course, for a public figure like me
words must be minded and filtered before i really speak it out~
(i will get killed for the second time now xD)

finally i get the Egg!
~Ta Da~

it's a ratman or rabbitman something....
hardly recall what its name....
the moment i get it, i could really flashback a lot of childhood memory

Thing was the same, but time and the feeling is different
so much so the aim for the action of inserting the coins into the machine

During child-time, we play it for the items that's inside
But now, i would go and try it
it's all because i wanted to recall my past-time fantastic moment....

I'm glad that my childhood is a such wonderful memory for me!
thanks God! =D

...Good Night World...

- Sometimes you thought it's hard, but after you tried it and you succeed, you will know all the effort that paid is worth. -

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile (what are you saying o.O?!?) .... Don't lie to yourself, it's not 'A.W.H.I.L.E.' since you stopped blogging and shut it down ok....

Hey dudes! I'm once again back to the blogging life...
Okay okay i know it's long that i didn't move my fingers around and type posts...

please forgive me, FYI, i'm kinda busy ( -,- this fella just can't stop lying) or something that you guys used to say 'L.A.Z.Y'...

Well, i don't know which part of my body stimulated which kind of hormones and triggered which kind of reflex action that make me come back to blog...
Insomnia of the night might be the biggest suspect for this!

Well, tomorrow hanging out with my Sixes-peez!

Wait for the photos then! =)
Good night guys...

- To Be or Not To Be, it's all depends on your will, no one can alter it -

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Working days...Busy days...

Well,i am someone who love to go school and meet friends up...
but since having holidays right now,and i go for part time job...
just got a part time job for a Fair...
it's at KL Sogo! a Bonia Fair and i am working for the gent's shoes
feel free to drop me a visit? XD

first of all,this is not an easy job...what i want to say is don't underestimate this kind of job...
it may take your life...
no no no,is your leg away!

the counter was out there and the store was inside...
that's mean once there's customer ask for try the shoes with different size or got to run in there and search for it and run out again...
and i just work for leg is like...
i don't know how to describe it,just CAN SOMEONE GET ME A PAIR OF NEW LEG?

well,but there i met few friends who is fun and helpful all the time~
for my homies...after i get salary let's go yum cha~ count on me!
GOod luck guys =)

Thursday night

I felt seriously guilty...
and how selfish am i...
Sorry for that...

The Super Naughty Them!

Well,this is happened on Tuesday...
at the morning i go for the Motor test and guess what? I did it perfectly...not until perfect lah actually,just a Pass for myself~ XD
and i finally make a full-stop for my getting-P ate up my 3 months time..
that's A LOT!

after that and i went back home and be a dead crops from 3pm until 6pm...
omg,long time didn't have such a long nap..and it feels great!
don't know why every time go for motor lesson i will be tired like hell...
mentally not physically lah... XD

and the night...karseng suddenly call me and said he and his family is coming to my house area for the night market...well,i was wondering why he will come here~
and it's ok...
but after few minutes, vinny text me and ask me find her a good parking...
and i was like a lot of question marks spinning around my head ? ? ? ? ? ?

so i found something strange on that...then i get down to look a good parking for her...
and while waiting vinny to park i think...the kahweng text me ask me where am i..
well...there should be something happen for sure...

and after that i went back my house with vinny and karseng since they said wanna yum cha later go my house sit sit..
once i reach my house,i felt so so so weird about that my room door is closed...
it's ok~
then karseng ask me for the stuff i bought for kevin..then i go and get 'em for him
once i open the door..

I SAW them!!!

-Ah Beng

and another two of them was behind me which is Karseng and Vinny!
well,this is their surprise for my early birthday celebration~

Thanks guys...i really love you all!
what can i say?
it's really hard to get such a gang of friends who will do so much things just to make a friend happy! i will appreciate you all!

and the Blueberry Cheese Cake for sure~ XD

The outing...

wow...this post should be updated last week i think..
but due to my laziness and it postpone to now~
sorry readers~~

Yeap! It's last Wednesday, the day where i hang out with my homies!
Well,i'm sorry cause i'm late for few minutes~~ (actually is an hour)
Neh,the LRT loh,having jam...ish~ XD

we go for bowling first because the movie is on 3 something...
RIO was super super funny~ and what should i say for it?
those birds are really awesome cute..just as me isn't it?
LOL, don't punch me thank you~

after that straight away rush to another movie and it's like a marathon~
'Just Go With It' is not a bad movie's funny and humor for those adult issue..
as usual, a happy ending for it...
i rated it 3.5 stars out of 5 stars~

And then we go have our DINNER! it's damn really hungry until i can the pop-corn to bear with the hungriness first~
and yes, We go Kim Gary for our dinner...and i got my member card that time
and after that,we all shoo back to our own sweet sweet home~
that's for the day~

Monday, April 18, 2011

This is Nothing!

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!